10 Oldest Books IN THE WORLD

I like the Coffin Texts:

10. Coffin Texts: As with the ancient Egyptian Pyramid Texts, the Coffin Texts involve a series of spells and incantations found on sarcophagi throughout the country. Dating back to the Middle Kingdom – which spanned between 2200 and 1800 BCE – many of them feature prophecies and ethical guidelines for transitioning to a gratifying afterlife. This is significant, because it marked a time in ancient history when the lower classes could enjoy some of the perks afforded to royalty. Previously, only the elite could afford to surround themselves with spells. With the popularization of carving said incantations on coffins, more individuals could purchase vessels to shuttle their souls to the gods upon their demise. Because of their similarities with Judeo-Christian moral codes, stories, and beliefs, many historians and theologians believe that the Egpytian Coffin Texts directly inspired those who penned the Old Testament. Some do not, however, though the resemblance remains undeniable.

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