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Contact: editor [AT] quarterlyconversation [DOT] com, Twitter, Facebook

For a selected list of publications and public events, go to this page.

A am also a book publicist and an editor. If you are interested in hiring me, inquire at editor [AT] quarterlyconversation [DOT] com

Conversational Reading was created in August 2004. In the Fall of 2005, The Quarterly Conversation was established as an adjunct to Conversational Reading featuring interviews, reviews, essays, and new writing from around the world.


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The “Pillars” posts are great. Hope the next one come soon. My only problem with your lists is that they usually cost me a bit of money as I track down all your recommendations.

Dear Scott Esposito,
I am Gouthama Siddarthan. I am the editor of Alephi international literary magazine for literature. As you know that this website has started recently and many writers from all parts of the world participate in this. This magazine is showing its progress throughout the world. As a great writer of literature I want you to participate in the growth of this magazine. Please do send your creations which are related to literature.

I even read your website now. I am excited in seeing the world’s best literature and the detailed news about the respective authors in your website. I wish that you would take part in our Alephi website.

You have asked some questions to the authors of some familiar books and have published that interview in a series. Natasha Wimmer on The Third Reich by Roberto Bolaño and the interviews like this are world’s best interview. This literary service which you do has the credit if the world. All the interviews were good. You must permit us to republish those interview series in our Alephi magazine as a continuous process.

With Regards,
Gouthama Siddarthan
Editor Alephi

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