Classical Music Friday: Manuel de Falla's Homage de Debussy

Well, virtually anyone who knows anoything about classical music has heard of Claude Debussy. Still quite famous, but lesser-known is the Spaniard Manuel de Falla. As this piece shows, stylistically, de Falla and Debussy had some things in common. Both wrote during the period between World Wars I and II, and both wrote what has been called "impressionistic" music. De Falla, being a native of Spain, however, infused his pieces with many kinds of sound that are not to be found in Debussy. Nights in the Gardens of Spain and El Amor Brujo (Love the Magician) are two excellent places to start discovering his music. This 2-disk set contains excellent recordings of both, plus more.

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I believe the more accurate rendering of “brujo” is “witch-doctor.” It has a different flavor than “magician.”

I’m not sure exactly when you started commenting on classical music, Scott, but this is a terrific performance. And, I might add, links to music CDs make a nice counterpoint to much of the blather about sales, reviews, print orders, etc, that dominates most of the lit-blogging that goes on. Nice work.

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