“Culture is an argument about how we live, technology the means by which we argue”

Richard Nash:

How technology and culture are shaping each other?

Gosh, I was so taken by Ted Striphas’s response that I’m not sure I can add much more. Except perhaps this other Medium article, by my friend Joanne McNeil, about how the search for “beauty” in Google Image Search produces a bunch of white.

They are clearly so interwoven. And in fact, when we pretend they are separate, like when we pretend that politics and economics aren’t connected, that’s when we get in trouble. Culture is an argument about how we live, technology the means by which we argue, the means by which we live and see others live. Culture biases everything, for good and for bad, and technology, whether that’s a hammer or a book or an algorithm, is the means by which that bias expresses itself.

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