DFW 50th Birthday Notes

Yesterday would have been David Foster Wallace’s 50th birthday. Some interesting resources from around the web:

Who Was David Foster Wallace? — The Quarterly Conversation’s DFW symposium from last summer, comprising seven essays covering a number of his major works: Wallace’s Masterpiece; (An Homage to) the Difficult Birth and Endless Death of Attention; All its horror and unbound power: David Foster Wallace’s Brief Interviews With Hideous Men; Beautiful Oblivion: Eighteen Notes; Better Left Unfed: Consider the Lobster and the Late Nonfiction; The Pale King and the Terrifying Demands Upon It; The Management of Insignificance: Thoughts on “The Suffering Channel,” Reality, and Shit

The David Foster Wallace Audio Project — tons of Wallace audio, broken out into Interviews & Profiles, Readings, Eulogies & Remembrances, and ‘Brief Interviews’ Staged Readings

Wallace’s library, as collected by the Harry Ransom Center, cataloged on LibraryThing

More from Conversational Reading:

  1. Censoring Wallace’s Legacy? The Awl, which previously published a piece on David Foster Wallace’s self-help books at the Harry Ransom Center (which houses his papers), is now claiming...
  2. The DFW Character in The Marriage Plot An interesting post over at Slate puts some context on the supposed David Foster Wallace character in Jeffrey Eugenides' new novel, The Marriage Plot. Eugenides...
  3. Six DFW-Related Books in 2012 The Howling Fantods lists 6 DFW-related books that it claims will publish this year. I’ve got 2 of them logged on my Interesting New Books...
  4. DFW Gets Pissy With His Editors I think Harper’s should publish it in the “Readings” section. The deal is this. You’re welcome to this for READINGS if you wish. What I’d...
  5. DFW Interview The NYR Blog has just run a 2006 interview between David Foster Wallace and Ostap Karmodi. A lot of the answers on DFW's side sound...

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