Dream of Reason by Rosa Chacel

I just received this thrill-inducing book from the University of Nebraska Press: Dream of Reason by Rosa Chacel, publishing in October. What’s gotten my attention?

1. It’s a brick. 651 pages.

2. It’s got an amazing rave from Javier Marias: “Rosa Chacel’s La sinrazón is one of the best, most original, and most daring novels of twentieth-century Spanish literature. . . . It is time that her importance in the history of world literature be recognized.” Given my state of near-total absorption in Marias, this strikes me at the right time.

3. And it’s translated Spanish fiction with a strong Argentine connection, probably my two current favorite nations for Spanish-language literature..

For better of worse, those are the things that will capture my imagination. More info on the University of Nebraska press page. You can read an excerpt here (PDF).

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