George Anderson Notes for a Love Song in Imperial Time

Heady praise at HTMLGIANT for George Anderson: Notes for a Love Song in Imperial Time and Peter Dimock in general.

But leaving aside the novel’s structure, it has a special quality in its DNA: It invites—and requires—re-reading. There are countless writers today producing well-written and entertaining novels that one reads, but forgets, as soon as the last page is turned. Dimock is clearly different, though what he does is not so clear.

Now Dimock has produced a new novel, with a new narrator and a new method that doubles down on the wager that its puzzling surface will convince the reader to re-read a complex text as he gradually locates cracks and instability in the novel’s representations. Something happens within the reader who makes that attempt. In the afterword to George Anderson: Notes for a Love Song in Imperial Time, Dimock states quite plainly, “I [am] convinced…that Americans lack a language adequate to the history we are now living.” Dimock’s novel proposes a new path and opens a door to it.

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