Haruki Murakami, Music Addict

Makes sense.

“I was astounded by the size of his music collection: he must have something like 10,000 records,” says Rubin, counting just the vinyl and not the CDs. “I’ve offered him some old LPs from my collection (after talking about music) and he would say, ‘Oh, I have this one or I can get it myself.’ He didn’t want to take it from me.

“His knowledge of music in any field is just astounding. His knowledge of classical music is really immense,” Rubin says. “When I first read ‘Talking about music with Mr. Seiji Ozawa’–that book where he and the conductor were talking about classical music matters–I would occasionally lose track of who was talking and think that I was reading Ozawa, because there was this very knowledgeable comment about how the Cleveland Orchestra in the 1950s changed with (conductor) George Szell or something like that, but this was Murakami talking.

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