Javier Marias Praises Lady Chatterley’s Brother

Over the weekend on Swiss radio, Javier Marias praised Lady Chatterley’s Brother, the ebook that Barrett Hathcock and I wrote about sex int he literature of Nicholson Baker and Marias. (You can read excerpts and buy it direct from this site for $2.99 here, or an Amazon here.)

The interview was in German and Spanish (Marias spoke in Spanish, the host in German) and you can listen to it here. They discuss Lady Chatterley’s Brother right around minute 36.

The second book in this series is finished and will be a collaboration between myself and Lauren Elkin writing on Oulipo. It will be released in June. Interested parties should contact me for a review copy.

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It doesn’t surprise me in the least that Javier Marias was impressed with your essays–they were wonderful.

On a completely different note, and with the full knowledge that our continual nudging is not going to be fruitful–you will make the announcement when you make the announcement–I’m beginning to think how delighted I would be if the group read ends up being Ford Madox Ford’s Parade’s End. I’ve never read it, but just picked up a copy, having experienced one of those bizarre and beautiful weeklong periods where everywhere I turn there seems to be some glowing, enticing mention of FMF and either Parade’s End or The Good Soldier. I read TGS some years ago, and have pulled it off the shelf again, to dive back into once I’ve completed Traveler of the Century (which I am heartily loving, btw).

Well, whatever the choice, like others here, I am waiting with bated breath!


The Surrender is Veronica Scott Esposito’s “collection of facts” concerning how she embraced her true gender.


Two long essays of 10,000 words each on sex in—and out of—literature . . .

The first essay dives in to Nicholson Baker’s “sex trilogy,” explaining just what Baker is up to here and why these books ultimately fail to be as sexy as Baker might wish.

From there the book moves on to the second essay, which explains just why Spaniard Javier Marías does right what Baker does wrong . . .


5 essays. 2 interviews.

All in all, over 25,000 words of Latin American literary goodness.

3 never-before-published essays, including “The Digression”—a 4,000-word piece on the most important digression in César Aira’s career.

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