Lady Chatterley’s Brother

It’s been a while since I beat the drum for Lady Chatterley’s Brother, so I’m going to exhort you all to download yourself a copy for the long Thanksgiving weekend. You can get it at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or direct from this site, and whether you have a tablet, Kindle, PC, or dot matrix printer, there are oodles of ways for you to experience this ebook.

As a reminder, this is the first book in my new ebook series of long essays (book 2 is due out in the spring and is going to be all about Oulipo & French lit). This one is about Javier Marias, Nicholson Baker, and the future of sex writing. It’s a really fun read, and you can find excerpts here.

We’ve got some pretty nice praise for the book. Levi Asher just very kindly called LCB a “success story,” as an example of an online publisher doing interesting new ebooks. Other smart, kind people have been saying nice things as well, and I encourage you to join them by getting yourself a copy. All proceeds go toward keeping a roof over Barrett’s and my heads so that we can continue to write about literature.

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