Libraries Lending eReaders and eBooks

“Responding to the growing popularity of electronic readers like the Kindle and Nook, the Broward County Library system has launched a pilot project to loan out the devices,” according to this report in the Miami Herald.

Six branch libraries within the Broward County system have begun loaning out the hardware for those who prefer to e-read. Each branch has six e-readers, and patrons can choose between a Nook, Kindle or Sony device.

Library patrons are allowed two weeks with the device, can download one book for free from the library system, and are given a crash course on the basics of operating the things before being set loose.

And now we’ll need to find out which e-reader patrons prefer. More on this story at MobyLives.

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This is similar to efforts I’ve read about at universities experimenting with e-readers- loaning/checking out the e-readers to students.

I’m waiting for the day when, as a Kindle/e-reader owner, you can borrow books from a library’s collection. Are any schools or public libraries working on this? I haven’t heard of anything, but it seems like it should be possible given the ways that students/faculty at universities already have access to journal collections online (just because of university affiliation).

@Phillip : Overdrive. Doesn’t work with Kindle, though.

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