Missing Books + Latin American Mixtape Bundle Offer


I’m now offering The Missing Books and the Latin American Mixtape as a bundle for the sweet price of $4.99. That’s gonna be 35K+ words of blissful literary idyll——

The Missing Books is a living, growing, updating collection of books that don’t exist, but should.

Since its release on Oct 10 of this year, it’s been featured in Literary Hub, 3 Quarks Daily, the Los Angeles Review of Books, The Millions, and many others, as well as co-signed on Michiko Kakutani’s Twitter feed.

Featured authors include: Cormac McCarthy, the Oulipo, Margaret Atwood, Stephen King, JM Coetzee, Roberto Bolaño, Vladimir Nabokov, Mario Bellatín, Jose Saramago, Philip K. Dick, Christian Bök, Kenneth Goldsmith, Gerald Murnane, Jorge Luis Borges, László Krasznahorkai, Edouard Levé.

Whoever purchases The Missing Books receives the right to all future versions for free. Version 2.0 is in the works and currently slated for release at some point next year.

The Latin American Mixtape is charismatic, fun tour through a continent’s leading writers.

In includes an in-depth interview with César Aira, the most important digression of Aira’s career, why Roberto Bolaño has become a worldwide phenomenon, why Guatemalan superstar Rodrigo Rey Rosa needs to be on your to-read list today, + lots more. Over 25,000 words on Latin America’s finest.

Get both of them:

The Missing Books can also be purchased separately:

Kindle ($4.99)

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The Surrender is Veronica Scott Esposito’s “collection of facts” concerning how she embraced her true gender.


Two long essays of 10,000 words each on sex in—and out of—literature . . .

The first essay dives in to Nicholson Baker’s “sex trilogy,” explaining just what Baker is up to here and why these books ultimately fail to be as sexy as Baker might wish.

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5 essays. 2 interviews.

All in all, over 25,000 words of Latin American literary goodness.

3 never-before-published essays, including “The Digression”—a 4,000-word piece on the most important digression in César Aira’s career.

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