Must be a New Posthumous Bolano Book Coming Out

Because little bits of it are popping up in the usual places.

And in fact, there is: The Secret of Evil, billed as “a collection that gathers everything Bolaño was working on before his untimely death.”

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I think about a third of the stuff that will end up being published with the name Bolano on it will not have deserved being published. Though it’s interesting reading his early stuff, even Antwerp, Monsieur Pain, and Nazi Literature read like rough drafts. If the same author didn’t somehow write the masterpieces, no one would bother to read them. I guess this is true of all authors, but it really seems like publishers are exploiting the hotness of Bolano’s name. This new book, for example, sounds like nothing more than stray notes for possible stories.

“This new book, for example, sounds like nothing more than stray notes for possible stories.”
I picked up a galley copy of it, and that’s exactly what it is. There are a few gems. Still, of all the Bolano publications, this is the first that shows, at least to me, a precipitous drop off in quality.
But Andrew Neuman’s Traveler of the Century instead.

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