New Book: Symphony in White by Adriana Lisboa

This week sees the publication of an interesting book from Texas Tech Press, which is always good for an interesting novel or two in translation each season. It is Symphony in White by Brazilian writer Adriana Lisboa.

Not a whole lot of coverage of this book so far, though I did find this review in Boulder Daily Camera. Ad of course there’s Texas Tech’s info page. There’s also some info on the book on this bio page for Lisboa.

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Gotta appreciate the work and dedication to translated lit that Texas Tech is dedicated to. From the same series, Chango The Biggest Badass, is a book I am very curious about. I am on the fence; and it is due to the similar lack of coverage that I haven’t ordered it from my local independent, yet. I was wondering if you have heard or read anything about this book. Except the article about the translator there doesn’t seem to be much out there.

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