New Novel By Antonio Muñoz Molina

By the Firelight spots this new novel by Antonio Muñoz Molina discussed in El Pais.

The link at El Pais also has a 25-page excerpt, all in Spanish.

Last year I read Muñoz Molina’s short novel In Her Absence and was quite impressed. It had an unadorned, playful, slightly metafictional first-person narration reminiscent of a lot of fiction coming out of Spain these days, that it definitely distinguished itself from others I’ve read in that mold.

I’d very much like to take on A Manuscript of Ashes, which I’ve heard is an incredible, postmodern treatment of the Franco dictatorship. I believe that those two and one other novel make up all the Muñoz Molina available in English, though there’s a lot more.

I’ve been told that Muñoz Molina could be the next great Spanish-language writer to make it in English. I haven’t read enough of his work to have an opinion one way or the other, though it would be nice to see more of him available in translation.

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The “next great Spanish-language writer to make it in English” ? Alas, hardly: with “Winter in Lisbon”, “Prince of Shadows”, and “Sepharad” several of his other works have also been translated over the (many) years but also made far too little of an impression; if he couldn’t establish himself stateside during his long time here (he even ran the NY branch of the Cervantes Institute for a while) I see little chance that he will in the future. Too bad — he certainly is a writer whose work should be much better known.

Well, you never know when or why someone becomes an overnight success, so maybe Mr. Munoz Molina still has a chance. I’ve read what’s available by him in English (and even reviewed In Her Absence for RCF) and agree that his work is well worth reading.

I am a real champion of this writer’s work. I fully agree that he deserves a wider audience. His book “Sepharad” is a masterpiece in my view, and his shorter pieces of journalism/comment are always worth reading. Some are available in English, including this one with a link to his latest article at my blog here:


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