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Pretty harsh review of Insel by Mina Loy, just out from Melville House, but Kris knows his stuff. I can sympathize with Melville House for not providing scholarly apparatus, though. That’s pretty much impossible—and completely detrimental—for a trade publisher.

Insel is Loy’s only novel, and it was never published during her lifetime. Unlike the compact, concise, and dagger-sharp precision found in all her verse, Insel lacks these qualities which make Loy’s presence among the modernists, surrealists, Dadaists, cubists, and other bohemian art groups in the interwar period such a crucial presence. And Loy is indeed seminal to this period, both as a poet and as a curatorial presence to artistic figures as pivotal as Giacometti, Dalí, Magritte, Man Ray, and many others.

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I read Insel as an undergrad. Probably my least favorite assigned reading ever.

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