The End of Oulipo? Internet Roundup

Busy week last week for The End of Oulipo? We have:

Excerpts at The New Inquiry

Three Percent calls it “a book for your weekend”

Nice mention in Berfrois

It’s current reading at 3:AM Magazine

A very favorable review on Goodreads

And all sorts of kind mentions on the Twitters and Facebooks

And don’t miss my own Annotated List of Books I Discuss in The End of Oulipo, In Order

Get it at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, The Book Depository, Amazon UK, Amazon Canada.

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Your excellent criticism is often marred by clumsy sentences; ideas that are otherwise worthy become obscure in the tangle of syntax. If are interesting in rectifying this, I would suggest the brief and fairly undogmatic Style: Towards Clarity and Grace, by Joseph M. Williams.

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