The Latin American Mixtape by Scott Esposito

The Latin American Mixtape

Argonáutica, 2017

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Scott Esposito’s self-described “b-sides” is not just a collection of literary essays on Latin American writers, it’s also about the insight that comes from a magnificent reader from abroad reading the great writers of a foreign continent. It includes three never-before-published pieces, exclusive interviews and a sharp point of view on literature.

Published bilingually in English and Spanish.

“There are critics who function like entomologists: they need to pin down a butterfly in order to say something about it. Scott Esposito, to the contrary, understands and delights in the flight of this strange bug called Latin American literature. Whether analyzing the reasons for Roberto Bolaño’s success, immersing himself in the mechanisms of digression in César Aira, or maintaining a dialogue with the translator of José Emilio Pacheco into English, Esposito shows himself to be a lucid reader and an essayist with ideas. Situated at the antipodes of pedantry, this Mixtape is the kind of criticism that interests me: the intelligent evolution of an enthusiasm.” — Daniel Saldaña París, author of Among Strange Victims

“Hay críticos que funcionan como entomólogos: necesitan fijar a la mariposa con un alfiler para decir algo sobre ella. Scott Esposito, por el contrario, entiende y disfruta el vuelo de ese bicho rarísimo llamado Literatura Latinoamericana. Ya sea analizando las razones del éxito de Roberto Bolaño, sumergiéndose en los mecanismos de la digresión en César Aira o manteniendo un diálogo con la traductora de José Emilio Pacheco al inglés, Esposito demuestra ser un lector lúcido y un ensayista con ideas. Situado en las antípodas de la pedantería, este Mixtape es el tipo de crítica literaria que me interesa: el desarrollo inteligente de un entusiasmo.” — Daniel Saldaña París, author of Among Strange Victims

“In a time when heightened awareness of international literature is increasingly important for reasons of both empathy and aesthetics, Scott Esposito is doing crucial work. The Latin American Mixtape abounds with information and insights into the work of writers like Roberto Bolaño, César Aira, and Adolfo Bioy Casares. And, like Jace Clayton’s recent Uproot, Esposito also explores the narratives through which creative work from overseas often reaches audiences in the United States. This is an incisive and thought-provoking book.” — Tobias Carroll, author of Reel and Transitory

The launch event at Brazos Bookstore in Houston, TX, alongside author Mark Haber, plus Efrén Ordóñez Garza and Marco Antonio Alcalá Flores of Editorial Argonáutica

Kind words from Mexico City magazine La Tempestad:

Esposito, especialmente a través de Conversational Reading y The Quarterly Conversation, ha logrado desmarcarse de la insularidad que ha caracterizado a las letras anglosajonas para prestar atención a la literatura de múltiples latitudes.

(Esposito, especially in Conversational Reading and The Quarterly Conversation, has succeeded in overcoming the insularity that characterizes Anglo-American letters, putting attention toward the literature of multiple latitudes.)

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