The Tunnel Big Read?

If you’re on my Twitter you might have seen me post this last week:

People were interested. So I’m throwing it to you all. Is this something people on this blog would like to see happen?

If you don’t know what The Tunnel is, look here.

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Hopefully. Hope there theren’t any prerequisites.

Yes, very much would like to tackle this in a big read

Date the entries for the link “look here”.

Count me in!!!!!!!!!! I’ve always wanted to read this beast!

Have fun. “Gass” being the operative word concerning this book.

What rotten timing! I just finished this yesterday. I was thinking that re-reading it at some point might enrich it, but climbing back in that tunnel so soon might be a little much.

I’ll definitely vicariously re-read it through this group, if nothing else.

Yes. It has been on my bookshelf for a year.

I would thoroughly enjoy that… Never made it through the first time, though absolutely loved the 200 or so pages I tackled

William Gass is most versatile writer. While most authors are satisfied to gaze into their navels, in The (Fudge) Tunnel Gass forces the reader to look with him into his anus.

would make for a great big read.

Just bought this a week ago. Let’s do it!

Definitely interested! Would also like to nominate HOPEFUL MONSTERS by Nicholas Mosley as possible future BR…

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