Your Face This Spring Participants

If you’re planning on attempting Javier Marias’s trilogy with me–starting next week–please drop me a short email between now and then (you’ll find the address on my “about” page.)

Nothing major, I just want to say hi to everyone who’s on board, do a little impromptu e-introduction, etc. Basically see who you budding Mariasistas are.

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Looking forward to getting started. Ive already read Vol 1 but I have 2&3 sitting on the shelf ready and waiting. If this turns out to be a success I would really like Conversational Reading to have more reading projects/groups like this in the future. Focusing on longer works that are complex, rewarding, and providing the much needed kick in the pants that readers sometimes need when faced with enormous page counts. Along the lines of: The Tunnel-William Gass, Imperial-William Vollmann, Mortals-Norman Rush, etc. Just a thought.

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